Professional Experience

Léman Micro Devices SA

Vice President of Software and Architecture
July 2013 to January 2023, 10 years

As the leader of software excellence and architecture, I successfully built and managed a team, developed main components, and designed the architecture, along with creating essential algorithms for our product. As part of my E-MBA’s validation, I formulated a business model centered on gamification for user retention and a technical/software strategy for the company.

I had diverse responsibilities in management, infrastructure, architecture, system administration, and algorithms, including handling IT development, server administration, and implementing algorithms in Java.

LMD is a startup developing a embeeded and a Bluetooth-based device to monitor blood pressure using a mobile phone. Our team focuses on hardware, mobile and API development, with a B2B/B2C product targeting mainstream markets.


  • Drive IT program of continuing development and innovation.
  • Define vision and strategy with other VP, board.
  • Coach, build and manage the IT team (average 7 people): Scrum, Hiring, reviews, coaching, priorities and facilitate communication.
  • Owner of the IT/IS Quality and Process, clarification of projects, priorities, and architecture driven on data protection. Alignment with ISO 13485, IEC 62304, Prince2, RGPD, QMS.
  • Manage projects and releases: Dev, Stage, Prod, initialization and closure of releases.


  • Drive and administrate the IS infrastructure: costs, life cycle and upgrade of computers.
  • Office 365 management, Dropbox then Nextcloud, Servers (OVH / SoYouStart), adobe.
  • Cloud management: Alibaba (for China), AWS (EU, US, CH, rest of the world): EC2, SNS (SMS), SES (Email), S3


  • Define high level structure architecture and communication between components (Calibration, Hardware, Cloud storage, Phone, data mining): Bluetooth, I2C, Rest API, Files (json and XML).
  • Define and clarify integration by third party: Rest API, Jar (JAVA).
  • Drive the choice of libraries, programming language in collaboration with owners of the different parts (Java, R, Python, Glassfish then Payara, Labview, Excel …. ).
  • Define and implement our continuous integration systems: Jenkins, Maven, gradle.
  • Quality of software: Align with good process (IEC62304, ISO 13485).
  • Cybersecurity, RGPD and data protection, system of pseudonymization of data.
  • System to store trial data and IDT (Internal development tests) data.

System Administration

  • Servers: Ubuntu Server, keep them up-to-date, security.
  • Installation of servers and services: Apache2, Glassfish, Payara, MySql, R, python, Nextcloud, WordPress, DNS (GoDaddy), SSL certificates (Let’s Encrypt), Redmine, Gitblit, Jenkins.
  • Backups process.

Languages and algorithms

  • Implement most of the algorithms (Java) for real time extraction of features from our signals, calibration, driving of user, implement filters.
  • Implement in collaboration with data analysts algorithms in Java (People were working on Matlab, Python, excel for data mining, algorithms optimization). I was working in collaboration with them to improve our algorithms and implement them in Java.
  • Definition of the format used by our “viewer” (R and html/js) and other data mining tools (Python and Excel): JSON, CSV, log files.
  • Implement core functionalities of our Android application (I particularly love business logic).
  • Implement our API server and administration interfaces using a Java EE 6 server: Jersey (Rest/XML APIs), JSF / JavaServer Faces 2, OAuth 2, JPA, MySQL, Enterprise Java Bean, MQTT, Annotations.
  • Support and improve some scripts written in Python.


  • Basic electronic (soldering, data analysis)

Patents and PCT

Personal health data collection

Improved personal health data collection

Improved personal health data collection

The patents have been filed in several countries. Our target markets were China, Europe and US.

In July 2022, Leman Micro Devices SA assets were transferred to Signature Investments LLC with the idea of creating Leman Micro Devices LLC.

Our contracts were transfered to Globalization Partners.

I have two work certificate as the company was transfered to a new entity.

Sword Consulting

Senior developer, consulting industry
September 2012 to Mars 2013, 7 months

During my EMBA, I have been involved in various missions:

  • Implemented an e-Coupon platform for a coffee maker using Symfony 2, MySQL, HTML5, and jQuery.
  • Debugged and implemented new features on a web platform using Spring and jBoss.
  • Developed prototypes of mobile applications for iOS (Junior) and HTML5.

Sword Technologies is a Swiss company specialised in setting up secure and efficient work environments


Stage, internship 16th of July 2012 to 24th of August 2012, 1 month

The goal of Lab4Tech is to enable candidates to attend practical internships that allow them to update their skills or acquire new ones, with the aim of enhancing their employability.

I’m a certified Professional scum master since July 2012.

You can see my badge on

I have been introduced to ITIL V3, attended a presentation, and begun my learning journey in this area.

As I found an opportunity with Sword Consulting, my internship was stopped and I didn’t got the certification.


Software Engineer and Project Manager
October 2011 to April 2012, 7 months

I have worked on “Internet of Things” R&D projects, dealing with our customers to define
the requirements and acceptance criteria.

  • Architect and manage projects to connect a consumer and professional machines to a cloud solution in a secure way.
  • Implement functionalities on an embedded linux to communicate with a consumer machine, Internet of things, embedded linux (Ralink SoC).
  • Create an API to collect this data and ETL process to create relevant statistics.
  • Create a viewer to display this data. The viewer was targeting a technical team for remote analysis,
    sales and business: HTML 5, Javascript, development in JEE, PHP and MySQL.

SDATAWAY is a Swiss engineering firm specializing in Electronics, Software & IoT, dedicated to innovation and custom solution development. Fueled by a passion for innovation, they offer technical solutions tailored to their customers’ needs. Their expertise in the technological field enables them to transform ideas into reliable and high-performing products while meeting deadlines and cost constraints.

IMD (Elan IT)

Mobile Architect and Developer
September 2011 to October 2011, 1.5 months (Time limited contract)

IMD was looking for a mobile architect and developer to quickly develop an application used by students to download and view videos on their phone.

  • Architecture the solution.
  • Implement a version on the BlackBerry using Java 2 Micro Edition (first month).
  • Implement a version running on android using android SDK. (second month).
  • Integration with SOAP .net SAP web services (Login, access rights, source of videos)

Students were able to securely download study materials.

(Please note that the mandate was from 1st of September to 14th of October.)


Chief Software Architect
June 2008 to August 2011, 3 years

In this startup of 5-30 employees, we created an event-oriented product that facilitated interactions between people. Our solution combined hardware, web, and cloud services. I was the key responsible for our IT department and had multiple roles that adapted to the company’s needs.

Many ideas of Poken were based on my IMD master project

The company was sold to GES. The company or web site doesn’t exist anymore.

Founded in 2007 in Lausanne, Poken has developed smart, contactless badges that enable the exchange of business cards and connection to web terminals and other media walls during major trade shows.


  • Develop the vision and architecture of the product based partly on my EPFL master project.
  • Define the product goals, coach the team to follow an agile process, define priority of tasks.
  • Leading and coaching a team based in Switzerland, Romania and California of about 5-7 people.


  • Manage our solutions running on dedicated machines (Redhat), improve performance using akamai
    and special flags on our apache2 configuration. (Start of the company).
  • Manage our solutions running on AWS (EC2, S3, Cloudfront)


  • Due diligence, technical relation with our partners.
  • Choice and validation of our technology: J2EE, MySQL, PHP, Glassfish, Jersey
  • Lead development methodology: Hudson, subversion (SVN), ANT
  • Define the secure algorithms to exchange token (XXTEA), secure exchange using NFC

Languages and Algorithms

  • Setup, optimization of our database using MySQL 5.5
  • Development of the core of Poken in JEE, development of our API
  • Development of the server using EJB, JPA, JSF, Jersey, XML and Xpath
  • Android, development of the application using NFC


Software Architect and Engineer
December 2004 to May 2008, 3.5 years

We developed an alternative to Google AdWords and AdSense in the field of online marketing.

My contributions to the project include architecturing and building the contextual AdServer, the cyber-security fraud detection engine, and the data analysis system.

I focused on optimizing the most sensitive aspects of the platform, ensuring high performance, availability, and scalability to handle large quantities of data. Our system successfully served ads on the front page of Wanadoo, handling up to 1000 ads per second. Additionally, we created advertiser and publisher platforms for Yahoo Japan.

Ads-Click was a provider of search and contextual advertising customized to suit advertisers’ varying needs.


  • Define communication protocols between our back-end and ad-server.
  • Define structure and architecture of our high performing ad-server.
  • Define structure and architecture of our fraud detection engine, ETL and billing system.


  • Develop high performance ad servers using tomcat able to take data from different sources (internal system, external XML streams of ads.)
  • Extract keywords on pages that integrate our script using JavaScript, find relevant ads from our
    different Ad Servers (contextual advertising). Injection of a Javascript code on publishers.
  • Develop different formats to display ads. (IAB, custom formats, tagcloud).

Data mining and security

  • Transfer logs of our AdServer to a data mining server, merge these logs using MySQL requests.
  • Optimize MySQL to be able to process up to 1000 entries per seconds.
  • Slow down, stop advertisers based on their budget, display most relevant ads, create billing
  • Detect frauds using IP, referee, browser information and contextual information.

Technical infrastructure

  • MySQL, Java, PHP, Tomcat, Eclipse, Jdev, Ant, Junit, XML


Teacher – Computer systems
June 2004 to June 2008, 20%, 4 years

I have been conducting evening courses for aspiring ‘ES technicians’, with the aim of sharing my passion for IS/IT and helping them grasp the fundamentals of computers, development, and embedded systems.


Java Developer then Social Networks Scientist
Mars 2003 to August 2003, then October 2004 to November 2004, 8 months

I was initially hired as a Java developer and later continued with my master’s project.

  • Develop web pages using JSP, Jdev, eclipse and oracle.
  • Conceive and develop an application in java and then an applet as part of my master project. The
    goal was to create a way to facilitate networking between students and help them to “break the ice” by finding common patterns: XML, image analyzing, java development, text analysis.

Create a platform to facilitate networking between students and help them ‘break the ice’ by discovering common interests such as XML, image analysis, Java development, and text analysis. Facebook and other social networks were not popular in Switzerland when I did it. The startup “Poken” was heavily based on this project.

Note: sorry for the poor english.


Java developer (Zurich)
Mars 2003 to September 2003, 7 months

I had the opportunity to do an internship-like experience in Sunrise, Zurich.

  • Synchronization of INA numbers (0900, 0906, …) from a FTP to an oracle database, build interfaces used by the support team to query these numbers: CSV, FTP, Oracle, AspX / C#, .Net
  • Develop an application in Java / JSP using tomcat and eclipse (Network provisioning system)).
  • Train some people on object oriented programming and java.

Please note that the dates were not correct in the certificate

Fabric | CH

HTML, c++ developer
November 1998 to June 2000, 20%

As a student at Fabric, I had an amazing experience working on cutting-edge projects that blended art and programming. For instance, I transformed video streams into artistic streams for live events at the D-Club. I also faced challenges while implementing websites using JavaScript and modern technologies.

fabric | ch – studio for architecture, interaction & research

Combining experimentation, exhibition and production, fabric | ch formulates new architectural proposals and produces singular livable spaces that link localized and distributed landscapes, algorithmic behaviors, atmospheres and technologies.
  • Digital version of a building plan for a big municipality: javascript, css, html, ASP, oracle database.
  • R&D projects used as an example in the D-Club analyzing images and creating effects. As an
    example I was creating ASCII art using a video stream: C++, algorithms.


Website developer, C++, technical art developer
2000 to 2004, part time, during my studies

During my studies, I had the chance to work on many really interesting different projects.

Implement CSS / HTML website based on a specific design (globalcomputing, Dr. Pearl Pu Faltings), virtual museum in VRML

I developed a 3D tracking system, similar to the motion controller of PlayStation but seven years ahead of its time. This system allowed navigation within the ‘Visible Human’ using C++, DirectX, and signal processing. It was successfully implemented in two museums, the ‘Foundation Claude Verdan’ in Lausanne and the ‘Kulturama Museum’ in Zurich, under the guidance of Professor R. D. Hersch.

The original work my project was based on.


IT/IS services for associations and SME
1996 to now

Websites Development and Maintenance, IT/IS Systems Support, and Server Management.

  1. Websites Development and Maintenance:
    • Platforms: WordPress
    • Front-end: HTML, Javascript
  2. IT/IS Systems Support:
    • Data Recovery and backup strategies
    • Virus Removal
    • Software and Hardware Updates (Change and clone disks)
    • Assistance with IT Processes
    • Email Setup and Management
    • Computer Updates
  3. Server Management:
    • Operating System: Ubuntu Servers
    • Domain Name System (DNS) Configuration and Management