I’m Gabriel Klein, a 47-year-old geek with an insatiable passion for technology, especially in the world of IT/IS and its fascinating connections to hardware. As a tech enthusiast, I find joy in exploring the ever-evolving landscape of technology and discovering how it shapes our lives.

In my quest for knowledge and innovation, I’m constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to expand my skills in the tech domain. Whether it’s diving into the latest software advancements, tinkering with hardware components, or exploring cutting-edge IT concepts, I feel a sense of fulfillment in the never-ending journey of technological exploration.

  • Enterprise Architecture for Startups and SMEs
    • Designing scalable, compliant technical environments aligned with industry standards to support growth and innovation.
  • Management and leadership
    • Over a decade of experience in building and leading diverse teams, fostering collaboration and efficiency through agile methods.
  • Strategy and innovation
    • Developing and implementing innovative strategies that connect technical capabilities with business goals to drive growth and answer quickly to customer needs.

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