Languages & Interests


French is my mother tongue.

I have undergone several specialized training programs to enhance and refine my communication skills, especially when engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Daily, I interact with multi-cultural, English-speaking team. My regular communication involves collaborating with team members located in various countries, including China, Romania, Great Britain, Switzerland (UK), California (where some peculiar slang is used), and Oklahoma.

I read and watch a vast amount of information, articles, youtube channels, tutorials in English daily.

Furthermore, I am confident in engaging in discussions with my CEO and colleagues in English or doing presentations in front of up to 30 people – including investors and board members. Writing emails, documents, creating content for websites and posts, and drafting letters pose no challenges for me.

To further enhance my writing, I occasionally utilize ChatGPT.
(Example, my original sentence was: To improve my writing, I now sometime utilize ChatGPT to enhance my writing.)

I evaluate myself as C1

My proficiency in German is not particularly high, despite having studied it during mandatory school and high school. I am capable of reading and responding to simple emails, understanding articles, and using it for basic tasks like travel-related communication.

While I can follow some discussions in German, I haven’t had much practice with the language since high school. Therefore, I believe I would need a few months of consistent usage to regain confidence in my German language skills.


I’m interested by many different technical subjects.

I have been playing the trumpet since the age of 7. I enjoy performing various types of music using tomplay. Currently, I am a member of the “Fanfare du Jorat” where I play my instrument.

I appreciate innovative art that blends technology with traditional art forms.

I like walking, skiing, biking, swimming, gardening and be creative in cooking.

On a more technical aspect, I sometime 3d print using blender to build my models, and a 3d printer to print them.

Machine learning is currently one of my strong interest.

In particular

  • Learning Python and learning main machine learning algorithms.
  • Testing the many different open-source projects in particular in the domain of image generation (ex: Stable Diffusion), code generation, 3d reconstruction (NerfStudio), text generation (ChatGPT, LLaMA 2, FredoomGPT, Vicuna, and hundred of other alternatives).
  • Reading technical, societal and legal articles linked to machine learning.

I have a strong interest when software meets hardware in particular with Internet of Things technologies.

From a software perspective

  • Linux
  • Python and Bash
  • MQTT
  • Time series databases (influxdb) and graphs
  • OpenHab and Home assistant
  • Tuya and tasmota

From an hardware and protocol perspective

  • NFC, Bluetooth, BLE, LoRa, Wifi
  • Raspberry
  • Espressif, ESP32, ESP8266, Sonoff
  • Arduino
  • Soldering, electronic components (simple)
  • IEC62056
  • I2C, Serial, etc..

Having worked with three startups, two in a top role, I have developed a keen interest in enhancing the software and infrastructure’s maturity and quality. Continually expanding my toolbox has always been a priority for me.

Agility has captivated my attention as it aligns with my desire to promptly address stakeholder requirements and user needs. While I find inspiration from various methods, I do not consider myself an expert in any of them (except scrum).

  • Management of the work: Scum, leadership trainings.
  • Clarification of the product and link to work management : Prince 2, Redmine (Jira)
  • Improvement of our development and feedback: Continuous integration, DevOps, Cloud, Frequent releases (dev, stage and production), KISS
  • Architecture: Archimate and Togaf.
  • Norms: IEC 62304, ISO 13486 (Similar to ISO 9001).

Green energy and resource optimization are two topics that deeply captivate me.

Solar panels and energy consumption optimization hold a special place in my heart. That’s one of the reasons why I am passionate about IoT—using it to monitor our environment and maximize energy usage efficiently.

I love collecting and processing data. Having installed my own photovoltaic system, I delved into various aspects of photovoltaic and gained a comprehensive understanding of many different aspects of this domain and I can easily advise people on the real / fair value of having energy generation systems, batteries or electric cars.

I have a particular interest in our health system in Switzerland and in particular the viability of our system.

I like to analyze data from different sources, in particular on and bag.